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The Riu Plaza Guadalajara Hotel with its ideal location, has 16 rooms for meetings and events of all types. This hotel located in the city of Guadalajara is just over a mile from the Gran Plaza Fashion Mall and less than two miles from the Expo Guadalajara Convention Center.

The Riu Plaza Guadalajara Hotel has all of the amenities and services you need to make organizing your event simple, as well as specialists available to help you with everything.

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For more information, fill out the estimate request form or contact RIU Plaza Guadalajara at +52 33 3880 7530 or at: [email protected].

Capacity chart

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Room Floor Space Height Theater School U-shaped Banquet Cocktail
Guadalajara I106 m2 7 m70 Pax30 Pax30 Pax50 Pax50 Pax
Guadalajara II104 m2 7 m75 Pax40 Pax30 Pax50 Pax50 Pax
Guadalajara III100 m2 7 m75 Pax30 Pax30 Pax50 Pax50 Pax
Guadalajara IV170m2 7 m180 Pax60 Pax40 Pax90 Pax90 Pax
Guadalajara V170 m2 7 m170 Pax60 Pax40 Pax100 Pax100 Pax
Guadalajara VI130m2 7 m120 Pax40 Pax35 Pax80 Pax80 Pax
Guadalajara VII130 m2 7 m95 Pax40 Pax35 Pax90 Pax90 Pax
Guadalajara VIII95 m2 7 m65 Pax25 Pax20 Pax50 Pax50 Pax
Guadalajara IX148 m2 7 m110 Pax55 Pax40 Pax60 Pax60 Pax
Guadalajara I-II210m2 7 m190 Pax95 Pax45 Pax100 Pax100 Pax
Guadalajara I-III310m2 7 m325 Pax130 Pax70 Pax150 Pax180 Pax
Guadalajara I-VI650m2 7 m680 Pax260 Pax80 Pax340 Pax340 Pax
Guadalajara I-VII960m2 7 m1120 Pax380 Pax130 Pax570 Pax570 Pax
Guadalajara II-III210m2 7 m180 Pax60 Pax60 Pax100 Pax100 Pax
Guadalajara IV-VI340m2 7 m375 Pax130 Pax80 Pax190 Pax190 Pax
Guadalajara IV-VII660m2 7 m750 Pax260 Pax95 Pax360 Pax360 Pax
Guadalajara IV-IX900m2 7 m1050 Pax420 Pax125 Pax470 Pax470 Pax
Guadalajara VI-VII260m2 7 m220 Pax85 Pax65 Pax170 Pax170 Pax
Guadalajara VI-IX503m2 7 m420 Pax220 Pax95 Pax280 Pax280 Pax
Guadalajara VIII-IX243m2 7 m180 Pax80 Pax60 Pax110 Pax110 Pax
Guadalajara Magna1213m27 m1300 Pax720 Pax160 Pax180 Pax900 Pax
Chapala24m25m12 Pax12 Pax9 Pax10 Pax20 Pax
Zapopan24 m2 5 m12 Pax12 Pax9 Pax10 Pax20 Pax
Careyes65 m25 m40 Pax30 Pax18 Pax40 Pax35 Pax
Tequila41 m25 m24 Pax18 Pax18 Pax20 Pax35 Pax
Tlaquepaque86 m25m80 Pax39 Pax24 Pax50 Pax40 Pax
Tonalá86m25m80 Pax39 Pax24 Pax50 Pax40 Pax
Vallarta225 m25m180 Pax112 Pax42 Pax120 Pax150 Pax
Decápolis Restaurant890m25 mN/AN/AN/AN/A350 Pax
Decápolis Terraza150 m25 mN/AN/AN/AN/A80 Pax
Decápolis ReservadoN/D5 mN/AN/AN/AN/A120 Pax
Jalisco I750 m2N/AN/AN/AN/A350 Pax400 Pax
Jalisco II250 m2N/AN/AN/AN/A140 Pax200 Pax
Jalisco I-II1000 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Blue Moon Luunge-bar980 m2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Foyer I90 m25 mN/AN/AN/AN/A25 Pax
Foyer II310 m25 mN/AN/AN/AN/A200 Pax
Foyer III350 m25 mN/AN/AN/AN/A250 Pax


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